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Apart from witnessing the exciting bursting life of culture, color, and beauty, many people visiting Portugal are hunting for a perfect pastel de nata. If you have ever been to Lisbon or searched for their food, you must have come across the name Pastel De Nata.

A common and most famous Portuguese pastry with a creamy, rich texture and flakiness has made them famous, and that’s why you will also find them in the best bakery in Fall River in the USA.

What Are Pastel De Nata?

These are delicate, flaky, and crispy crusts with smooth, creamy, rich egg custard filled inside them. It’s a semi-sweet pastry that has a slight savory touch as well. It’s a little overcooked from the top and dusted with sweet confectioners like sugar or cinnamon.

What everyone loves most about this pastry is the textures you experience and feel when you take a bite. Crisp, smooth, rich, bright – it’s a masterpiece. Recently, you’ll find these pastries in the best bakery in Fall River. People have been eating this with a shot of strong espresso in the morning to start their day with something delicious.

Although they are typically consumed early in the morning as it’s considered a perfect light breakfast, you will find people having their night and day. If you also crave this sweet delight, we encourage you to visit your nearest bakery and try these eleven flavors.

11 Must-Try Nata Flavors at the Best Bakery in Fall River

1.    Almond Natas

These pastries combine the nutty essence of almonds with the velvety custard and a delightful crunch that matches beautifully with the creamy center. The almond’s distinct nutty flavor adds depth to the overall taste experience.

2.    Coco Natas

The best bakery in Fall River has introduced a refreshing twist to pastel de nata by infusing tropical coconut with classic custard. The blend of coconut essence complements the warm custard filling, offering a taste that instantly appeals to coconut enthusiasts seeking a unique pastry experience.

3.    Braso Natas

Bakers have taken inspiration from the beloved Brazilian dessert Brigadeiro and have used subtle chocolate essence with custard to provide the pastry with a bit more rich and creamy texture without making it overwhelming or ruining this classic treat.

4.    Coffee Natas

This is especially for coffee enthusiasts, as these Natas are delicately infused with the coffee to provide a strong flavor and taste. The bitter taste of coffee compliments the pastry sweetness, making this treat satisfying for coffee lovers.

5.    Tangerine Natas

Bursting with the tangy-sweetness of tangerines, these Natas available at the best bakery in Fall River provide a vibrant citrusy zing that beautifully contrasts with the creamy custard, creating a refreshing and enriching flavor.

6.    Nutella Natas

This is an irresistible treat for people who find the combination of hazelnut chocolate irresistible. The fusion of Nutella with the custard creates a heavenly rich flavor that simply melts into your mouth and complements the pastry’s flakiness perfectly.

7.    Bean Natas

A traditional classic element bean and the best bakery in Fall River used to create tasty Natas that have a unique and classic taste that radiates warmth and familiarity.

8.    Chocolate Natas

No, Nutella and Chocolate Natas are not similar. This flavor is especially for plain chocolate lovers who love the creaminess and melt-in-your-mouth experience. The familiarity of the Natas and the luxurious taste of chocolate can evoke feelings of comfort and indulgence, making them a favorite treat for many, especially children.

9.    Matcha Green Tea Natas

This Nata features a very delicate matcha flavor that is seamlessly blended with the creamy custard and offers a subtle yet distinctive bitter-sweet taste that appeals to people who are big fans of Japanese green tea.

10. Salted Caramel Natas

Achieving the perfect equilibrium between saltiness and sweetness, these Natas have the traditional taste and a tempting caramelized touch.

11. Fruit Infusion Natas

Lastly, we have a variety of fruit flavors like raspberry, lemon, or passionfruit that offer a refreshing twist. Since fruits bring natural sweetness that complements the creamy custard without overpowering, this creates a more balanced and enjoyable taste.


Next time you’re craving a light snack to satisfy that longing, swing by the best bakery in Fall River and indulge in a freshly baked pastel de nata. All eleven flavors mentioned above are irresistible; each one offers a unique taste that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

For authentic and tasty Natas and other freshly baked goods, visit Modern Pontes Bakery. Explore our menu and get Fall River’s finest bakery treats at your doorstep.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

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