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Best Bakery in Fall River

Modern Ponte Bakery has been an established name and tradition in the finer culinary setting of Fall River. A go-to spot for all the bread, butter, and confectionery lovers within the vicinity of the local area. Here at Modern Ponte Bakery, we have maintained our legacy of pastry making, artisan bread baking, and much more! Our creations satisfy our customer’s everyday tasteful whimsy, as well as their nutritional requirements to the fullest.

Classic Sourdough Loaf

The best bakery in Fall River starts its line-up with a timeless classic – the Sourdough Loaf. This bread perfectly embodies artisan baking with its crisp, rustic crust and airy, tangy crumb. It’s made using a natural fermentation process, resulting in that distinctive sourdough flavor that pairs wonderfully with everything from avocado toast to a hearty bowl of soup.

Flaky Croissants

The bakery takes you on a trip to France with its flaky, buttery Croissants. These golden, crescent-shaped pastries are baked perfectly, boasting a delicate balance between a crisp outer layer and a soft, airy interior. Whether you prefer them plain, filled with chocolate, or stuffed with savory ham and cheese, the croissants are a guaranteed hit.

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche is a must-have for all Sweet-toothed patrons at the best bakery in Fall River. This is a heavenly marriage of buttery, soft brioche dough and a generous swirl of cinnamon and sugar. The aromatic pastry is glazed with a sugary drizzle that adds a delightful sweetness to every bite, making it a top choice for those who crave a touch of indulgence in their breakfast or snack.

Artisan Baguettes

Baguette lovers can celebrate the bakery’s commitment to traditional techniques with their Artisan Baguettes. These long, thin loaves boast a golden, crispy crust with a soft and chewy interior. Perfect for crafting a classic French sandwich or pairing with a cheese and charcuterie board.


The best bakery in Fall River offers the most remarkable Focaccia. This Italian flatbread is adorned with various toppings, from roasted tomatoes and fresh basil to olives and aromatic herbs. Focaccia is ideal for those who appreciate a delightful blend of flavors and textures in each bite.

Multigrain Bread

The Multigrain Bread is a top pick for the health-conscious or those who simply love a good, wholesome loaf. Packed with seeds, grains, and nuts, this bread is a source of both nutrition and taste. It’s hearty, with a satisfying crunch and nutty undertones that make it perfect for sandwiches or toasting with a dollop of your favorite spread.

Decadent Pastries

The Best Bakery in Fall River takes pastry creation to an art form. Every pastry is an exquisite treat, from buttery Danishes filled with fruit compotes to rich, chocolate-filled Pain au Chocolat. Whether you’re a fan of fruity, creamy, or chocolatey indulgences, there’s a pastry waiting to satisfy your craving.

Seasonal Specials

The best bakery in Fall River doesn’t stop at the classics. They embrace the seasons, offering a variety of special items that change throughout the year. From pumpkin spice-infused treats in the fall to refreshing citrus creations in the summer, you can always count on finding something new and exciting to try.

Nata Pastries – A Portuguese Delight

Nata Pastries are undoubtedly the stars of the show here, and the best bakery in Fall River offers a variety of them to entice your taste buds:

Traditional Portuguese Nata

These delicate, flaky pastries are filled with a creamy custard that’s lightly caramelized on top, creating a sweet and slightly burnt sugar crust. It’s an authentic taste of Portugal best bakery in Fall River.

Chocolate Nata

For chocolate lovers, the Chocolate Nata is a dream come true. It combines the rich, velvety custard with a layer of smooth chocolate, offering a perfect blend of sweetness and cocoa goodness.

Fruit-Infused Nata

During the summer months, you might find a delightful assortment of fruit-infused Nata pastries. From raspberry to lemon, these pastries add a burst of fruity flavor to the classic custard base.

Seasonal Nata Varieties

Just like with their other offerings, the bakery introduces seasonal Nata varieties. You might encounter pumpkin-spiced Nata in the fall or refreshing citrus-infused Nata in the summer. The options are ever-changing, keeping things exciting for returning customers.


Whether you’re a local looking for your daily bread fix or a visitor exploring the charm of Fall River, the Modern Ponte Bakery is a culinary treasure trove of artisan carb creations.

The Best Bakery in Fall River isn’t just a place to satisfy your cravings; it’s a journey through the world of baked delights, where every bite tells a story of tradition, quality, and a passion for the art of baking. So, take a culinary adventure with our selection of artisan breads and savor the flavors of Fall River at Modern Ponte Bakery.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

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