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Traveling is something every one of us should do as often as we can. With the world getting chaotic every second, we need to remind ourselves that it is still good, beauty, and love left in the world. Traveling not only refreshes our mood but also helps to alleviate stress and constant worry. One of the greatest things about traveling is to explore new places and try their food. Yes, the food, aren’t we all feel little butterflies in our stomach whenever we enter to a nice bakery or a restaurant that smells like delicious and warm food. Food of other countries is something that almost instantly attracts us and honestly, it is the vital aspect of cultural experience. Now if you are a tourist in the States and looking for something to try, we recommend you to buy big bread. The bread is the staple of American food and the States is filled with bakeries that have been baking and producing the yummiest and appetizing loaves of bread. Therefore, it’s time to try on a variety of bread along with sightseeing and meeting new people.

Buy Big Bread fall riverIf you are new in the States, you will see tons of bakeries in every nook and corner. This tells that the best part is always the food. The bakeries in the USA have been baking and producing a wide selection of baked items from bread to small pizzas, Nata’s, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and much more. Different areas of the world have many different and new flavors and dishes but the States is so diverse that you will find almost every cultural and exotic food here. It’s time to have some fun and try new stuff. Bread, as mentioned above, is the staple food of America, you will see people eating it at every mealtime. The soft buttered and crispy bread is consumed largely because of its flavor and its versatility.

Although some people label the bread as bland, boring, and unhealthy this is seriously not the case. One-piece or slice of bread would do no harm. From Italian to Portuguese, you find so many different kinds and tastes of loaves of bread in the States. buy big bread because they are a beautiful and delicious snack that immediately makes your mouth, stomach, and heart happy. The bakeries in the USA have been doing magic and creating some of the yummiest bread ever. Pair a nice warm toasted and buttered piece of bread with coffee and tea and you will understand how heavenly this states.

Buy Big Bread fall riverPlus, bread is light on the stomach and on pockets as well. They are although consumed a lot but they are very affordable and cheap which is beneficial for the tourist. They will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on food. You can buy big bread from any bakery and it will do the job. If now you are craving a piece of bread, then you might look and search for the best bakery to spend some money on. With so many options out there, we understand choosing one is difficult. But if you need an excellent and delicious piece of bread that is warm, crusty, and fresh – then visit the modern pontes bakery.

Modern Pontes bakery

If you are in Fall River, MA, and looking to buy big bread from the best bakery, we suggest you visit the modern pontes bakery. Situated on Rodman Street, this bakery was started by the owner Joshua Ponte to provide the neighborhood with delicious and textured bread. Over time, their menu expanded and now they are serving and offering a wide and extensive collection of bread along with other baked items such as muffins and pasties de nata. They have become the number one and most sought-after bakery in the Fall River. From donuts to big bread, and muffins, you can buy it all at affordable prices. If you are craving bread and do not want to leave your hotel, you can simply ring them up and get the bread delivered to your hotel.

Buy Big Bread fall riverThey are always lauded for their quality of food and how they provide simply the best experiences to their customers. They are ambitious, dedicated, and committed to providing delicious and mouthwatering baked snacks that not only satisfy the hunger and craving of the customers but also fill their hearts with love. They understand that success lies in sincerity and the ingredients they use to make the bread. They have always been using top-notch quality ingredients that make the softest and yummiest bread in the whole Fall river. They are the award-winning bakery serving the best signature big bread in the town. From stick bread to corn, big house, and much more. You can easily buy big bread or can even order online.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

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