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For ages, the human race has been consuming bakery items, and now they have become the ultimate basic necessities and staple in everybody’s home. Bakery items are just so soft, crispy, light, and easy to digest, making people of every age just love eating them.

The soft, light and fresh aroma of baked bread and pastries not only tempt us and make us hungry, but once we deeply inhale it, it goes straight to our hearts. There is no denying or lying how much we all love munching on the bakery snacks. Be it breakfast, dinner, or dessert after dinner, and the bakery snacks are consumed anywhere and everywhere.

We all can agree this how happy and nostalgic we get whenever we enter a bakery. The shiny wooden slaps filled with tasty and freshly baked bread pastries in Fall River, looking at us, it honestly feels like a wonderland.

When it comes to bread, we know that it is consumed a lot in the USA and beyond. Meals are just incomplete without bread. Be it breakfast or dinner; the bread is a must.

If you think the love people have for bread is something new, then you are not completely correct because bread has been the food staple since very early years. Men started baking bread 30,000 years ago, and ever since, every human from every generation just absolutely loves eating bread.
The same is the case with pastries, these sweet and tasty snacks are so wonderful that they are found almost in every home.

Everyone knows that baking the freshly baked bread pastries in Fall River is not an easy feat. And since we are so amateur, we often mess up the entire recipe. Therefore, it is vital to find a professional and experienced bakery that bakes and sells the best bread and pastries in the vicinity.

One of such bakeries is the Modern Pontes Bakery which is situated in the Fall River, MA, at Rodman street. They have been selling a top-quality and wide selection of bread and pastries for quite a long time. They are well recognized and loved for their excellent customer services and an extensive collection of freshly baked bread pastries in Fall River.

If you are planning to visit the Modern Pontes Bakery soon, here we have made a list of the eight best freshly baked bread pastries that you can definitely fall in love with.

Big Sweet Bread

When it comes to modern pontes bakery, no one can beat them in the bread game. They sell various kinds of bread, and the big sweet bread is the most loved one out of them. It is not only delicious and yummy, but it’s super moist and covered with a buttery taste just feels amazing on the tongue.

Coffee Nata

The most famous Portuguese Pastry that is now loved all over the world is now available at your favorite bakery in Fall River. The Modern Pontes Bakery has a wide selection of the best Pastel de Nata, out of which the coffee nata is just best. The taste and texture are just peerless. They are crisper, soft, and creamy at the same time – making it a perfect treat for the taste buds.

Small Roll

These small rolls are super light and fluffy. Once they are baked properly, they look super shiny and goldish and soft, which instantly tempt and make one feel hungry, leaving them to crave for it.

Stick Bread

The stick bread is simple long loaves of bread that are also called French bread. These are made from simple ingredients and feel feather-like and light from the inside, while it is a little crusty from the outside. The perfect combo of crispiness and softness makes it so delicious and different.


Cornbread is the most popular bread in the States, and the Modern Pontes Bakery has been baking and producing the best cornbread for quite a long time. They are rich, textured, soft, warm, and a little crispy from the outside. Enjoy the cornbread with a warm cup of tea and coffee.

Coco Nata

Yes, these are the Pastel de nata aka sweet custard tarts, but as mentioned above, the Modern Pontes Bakery has a large and extensive collection of the Pastel de Nata; another great one is the coco Nata. These tarts are light, crispy, extremely healthy, and delicious, which makes them popular among everyone, especially the kids.

Coconut Nata

Another pastel de Nata is filled with coconut. The best and unique about these coconut Nata is that they are super-rich, creamy, and silky.

Torpedo Bread

The torpedo bread is available in 6 to 12 inches. At Modern Pontes Bakery, torpedo bread is made with the best and freshest ingredients which makes them super soft and digestible. These loaves of bread have the right amount of moisture and texture, and thus, once you put the slice of torpedo bread on your tongue, the taste will hit you hard.

All in All

If you have been looking for the finest bread and pastries in your vicinity, look no further. At Modern Pontes Bakery, you can meet your bread and pastry needs that too at affordable rates. On top of that, you can introduce your taste-buds to the flavors of Nutella, almond, and bean nata’s.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

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